XSET- The first round of the VCT Champions Playoffs got off to a roaring start, and it was full of unexpected comebacks and hilarious situations.

The first matches of the Playoffs enhanced the level of anticipation for the competition. Loud defeated Leviatan 2-0, while XSET and OpTic bamboozled their opponents from Europe.

The majority of fans agree that Fnatic is the most interesting team in Europe, but it looks that FPX or XSET will stand in their way of reaching the playoffs moving forward.

According to our analysis of the brackets, the matchup between FNC and XSET that will take place in the lower bracket semifinals will most likely be a rematch.


XSET had a pretty good run in this tournament overall. Even though they were not expected to win and did not have any of the greatest Valorant players on their roster, they were still able to demonstrate why they are the second-best team in North America and possibly one of the top five teams in the world.

During the group stages of the tournament, the squad has attacked with all force and determination. Their first match was against XERXIA Esports, which XSET won 2-0. It was XSET’s first win of the season. Both games were quite tight, with the scores on the respective maps being 13-11 and 13-10 respectively. Quite each of the matches, Zekken turned in a good performance.

The current winners of the VCT Masters Tournament were FunPlusPhoenix, and XSET had to play them in their second game of the group stage. This game was the one that generated the most buzz. While the majority of people were surprised to learn that this game would be played in the qualification, it was inevitable given that both sides were the favorites in their respective group. As a result, the result of this game, which favored XSET by a score of 2-1, was a significant surprise. A lot of people didn’t think XSET would be able to pull off such a terrific performance. The final scores of the maps were 13-7, 4-13, and 15-3 in favor of XSET.

By virtue of their victory over the defending champions, XSET advanced to the Playoff stages of the competition. as a result of the fact that their gameplay is more methodical and not overly focused on being aggressive. After entering the playoffs, they promptly eliminated Fnatic by scores of 13-8 and 13-11, and they will now face OpTic in a match for the final spot in the upper bracket.


Throughout the competition, Fnatic has been utilizing its signature ideas and tactics, although their results have been uneven. During the group stages of the competition, they competed against FURIA and 100T, and they won both of those games with scores of 2-1 (9-13,13-7,13-11) and 0-2, respectively. It seemed as like they had to put in an incredible amount of effort just to make it into the playoffs.

Derke turned in a really impressive effort during the match, which resulted in the final score of 13-5 and 13-7 against 100 Thieves in the first qualifier for their group. He completed both maps with a 38/26/7 score while maintaining a headshot accuracy of 40%.

Earlier, we discussed how poorly armed FNC was going into the Playoffs against XSET. They were forced to take out Team Liquid in order to save their spot in the competition, and they must now wait for either DRX or LOUD to take the lead.

In an interesting turn of events, I have the impression that FNC is just improving and that they will prevail in their upcoming match against XSET/FPX.

Even the bookies are having a hard time picking a winner, so it looks like all of the games will be close ones right up to the end. If Fnatic and XSET face each other in the lower bracket, the Valorant odds for the match will be unusually even, giving you a good chance to make a quick profit. This week, there is an excellent possibility that we will have numerous opportunities to view Fracture and Pearl. This unquestionably indicates that the overall score for the round will be far greater than usual.

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