SBMM – Fans of Call of Duty who are serious about the game as well as fans who just play occasionally have been engaged in a never-ending discussion for years about the very existence of Skill-Based Matchmaking (SBMM).

There are some outlandish allegations that SBMM has completely ruined modern multiplayer gaming, making it impossible to ‘get gud’ without being penalised for your in-game talents. [Citation needed] Now that the full release of Modern Warfare 2 is only a few days away, we are taking a look at the influence that SBMM will most likely have on the game’s multiplayer component in order to prepare ourselves.

A few of the industry’s most prominent creators have been vocal in their criticism of SBMM as of late. It’s a sore point for almost every player in the industry, but it’s something that’s more or less present in some fashion in almost every game that has a competitive multiplayer platform. It’s a sore spot for almost every player in the industry. Putting players who are performing well against other players who are doing just as well is an attempt to make the game more fair; however, this in and of itself poses problems.

Do we believe that SBMM will be detrimental to the multiplayer platform that MW2 utilizes?


This is a remark from one of the most well-known Call of Duty broadcasters around, TimTheTatman, and it was pulled directly from his channel. It’s true that he’s been specializing in battle royale games as of late, but he recently acknowledged on live that he would play multiplayer games if single-player battle royale wasn’t a thing.

Tim, who is one of the largest game creators in the world and has a combined following on Twitch and YouTube that exceeds 11 million subscribers, was in the midst of a heated argument at the time. In the video that was just shown, he explained quite simply how skill-based matchmaking has the effect of making a player feel bad for being good. He explained that eventually, the player will be cast against the most broken players in the game, which will ultimately crush the player’s confidence and send them into a vicious cycle that includes:

Do good.
You will be disciplined by SBMM.
Do awful.
Move further and further down the standings.

Because Warzone, which is one of the most popular battle royale games, has notoriously included a relatively severe SBMM engine ever since it was released, it is possible to argue that Tim’s claim was not well thought through. However, this is not the only possibility.


A “casual” multiplayer game is not the place for SBMM, according to the conventional wisdom, which has prevailed for many years. It is possible for it to be quite present in a RANKED multiplayer mode; however, in typical “public” multiplayer modes, there should be a more random assortment of players to compete against. A former developer for the Call of Duty franchise disclosed in November 2021 that SBMM had been utilized in some capacity by the franchise at some point since 2007. He explained that “math and science” have improved throughout the years, and the only difference between then and now is that SBMM is “smarter.”

Only a few short weeks ago, Dr. Disrespect, a well-known content creator and vocal individual, made the statement that “SBMM spoils the entire experience.” He was discussing Modern Warfare 2, and despite the fact that he lauded practically every facet of the game, he was dissatisfied with the inclusion of Skill-Based Matchmaking:

Twitter user @0HotWaterBottle said it best when he summed up the situation of SBMM in the following tweet: “That’s what ranking is for. However, if you sweat during EVERY SINGLE MATCH, you will quickly become burned out and stop enjoying the game. It is expected that Pubs and Casual players would be the first group to press queue at the same time. There may be moments when you come out on top, and there will be times when you come out on the losing end, but at least the game will be enjoyable.

In the end, there are no immediate plans to discontinue support for SBMM, and the expansion will be available when Modern Warfare 2 is released on October 28. There is, for the most part, no workable answer to this problem because, regardless of which way the developer chooses to go, there will be a percentage of the community that will be unhappy with the decision. The current circumstances will not change for the time being; SBMM will continue to operate in its current form, and players will continue to be punished for performing at the highest level possible.

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