ATLANTA FAZE – As we get closer and closer to Major IV, the last stop in the CDL 2022 season before Champs, we need to ask ourselves a very critical question.

After establishing itself as one of the most dominant teams in the history of Call of Duty esports, Atlanta FaZe is finding the 2022 season to be somewhat challenging. What may be causing this difficulty for the team?

Since the beginning of the season, Atlanta FaZe has stayed constantly dominant, reaching the Grand Final of each and every CDL Major before being eliminated from the competition in a manner that is not particularly dignified.


It was rumored for a while that the squad was ‘cursed,’ but everyone dismissed those rumors as superstitious rubbish. The crux of the matter is that Atlanta FaZe is currently the greatest team in the League (on paper) and holds the first spot in the rankings with a record of 24–11. Despite this, the four-person team consisting of AbeZy, Cellium, Arcitys, and Simp has not been successful in any Major tournament they have entered.

What seems to be going wrong, and is it possible for Atlanta FaZe to win the Major IV tournament?


OpTic Texas went on the offensive against Atlanta FaZe and came away with a victory by a score of 5 to 2. This occurred during the Major I competition. The same thing happened again in Major II, with the Los Angeles Guerrillas defeating the Atlanta FaZe team by a score of 5 to 2. At the end of the year’s last tournament, Major III, Seattle Surge pulled off the biggest upset of the year by defeating ATL with a score of 5-3.

When we look at the data, it appears as though this is a game of momentum — FaZe takes apart the “weaker teams” and builds momentum, only to ultimately lose it at the last post. Take for instance the Major I course as an illustration. At this tournament, ATL defeated Boston Breach with the greatest sense of ease before collapsing against OpTic and falling down to the loser’s bracket, where they competed against (and won against) the LA Thieves, Toronto, and the Royal Ravens.

In the end, these teams were not playing at their best when they competed against FaZe; nonetheless, OpTic Texas was on an incredible winning streak, which ultimately led to FaZe’s defeat in the Grand Final. It was not helpful that Texas was on an incredible Control streak, winning more than a dozen games in a row, which secured them two maps in the final series.

At Major II, FaZe defeated the Subliners by a walkout, Seattle by a punchdown, and Boston by a dominating performance; nonetheless, they were ultimately defeated by the Los Angeles Guerrillas. At that time, the Guerrillas had just finished a run in Major II in which they had won five consecutive games in a row, and the momentum that they had gathered was sizzling. The challenge was too much for FaZe, and once more, the boys in red came up short. LAG ended up being ATL’s downfall, despite the fact that the squad boasts some of the best Call of Duty players in the game’s history.

Last but not least, in the Major III competition, ATL prevailed over Toronto and LA Thieves, but were eliminated by Seattle. They then defeated Toronto one more before losing to Surge in the championship match. It would appear that the source of each of Atlanta FaZe’s defeats is the same: a simple blockage brought on by the squad’s inability to maintain its forward momentum and maintain its concentration in the face of a legitimately superior team on a streak that was completely unexpected. Fans of Call of Duty betting who backed the team that was considered to be the underdog lived out their wildest dreams.

Is it possible that we were simply being overly confident?


This year, we haven’t just seen ATL FaZe fail to clutch up in the latter rounds of the Major competitions; we’ve seen many of other teams do the same thing. In these finals, we witnessed ATL FaZe fail as miserably as they possibly could, with some very embarrassing incidents emerging as a result.

For example, during the final Hardpoint at Major III on Tuscan, Arcitys of FaZe went on a losing skid and ended up with a kill/death ratio of 0–13 until he started picking up kills again. It was a case of Sib and Pred clicking at an intensive level, which resulted in the formation of a partnership that emerged as a contender to the likes of AbeZy and Simp.

At the Major II tournament, ATL once again played without a clear head, which resulted in the team losing four consecutive maps against LAG. Although Search and Destroy has dominated FaZe’s game for the past three years, LAG was able to beat ATL with scores of 6–4, 6–1, and another 6–4 victory. These victories came at the expense of ATL. It just appeared like another case of Atlanta FaZe being overconfident and underestimating their competition. It is possible that this was a clue that ATL was ready to fight the wrong team, as they did not in the least expect these underdog sides to make it through to the grand final dates.

Poor plays and a failure to secure the numbers are the root of the problem, according to the fans who are obsessed with statistics. At Major III, FaZe was so focused on breaking hills that they neglected to rotate around and pick up the next point. They were handing away far too many crucial lives in the Control and Search fixtures, which eventually determined the winner.

Unfortuitously, for some Call of Duty League groups, the continuously shifting platform just makes it too difficult to keep track of where they stand in the competition. In retrospect, ATL may have been unbeatable in Cold War, but as far as Vanguard is concerned, there may be an internal fight taking place. It is possible that the team is falling apart, it is possible that a mental block brought on by “the curse” is to blame, or it is possible that the simple fact that other teams have had a better season in terms of their performance at the Major tournaments is to blame.

Will it be possible for Atlanta FaZe to get their act together in time for Major IV, and beyond that, the Call of Duty League Championship?

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