The conclusion of The International 11 (TI11) was marked by the astounding success of Tundra Esports. Fans were quick to give credit to the heroes that Tundra selected as they became immortalized as TI11 Champions.

However, it was discovered that Tundra used a variety of heroes in each of the grand finals matches, despite the fact that they used the same item purchase in each of those matches.


It seems that the Wraith Pact item, which is typically acquired by a team’s offlane player, is the most important factor in determining who wins a Tundra Esports match. The passive aura from Vladmir’s Offering is included in the Wraith Pact, and it bestows upon close allies 24% lifesteal, 18% additional damage, 2 mana regen, and 3 armor. Additionally, it increases the wearer’s own lifesteal by 3%.

Wraith’s Reprisal, the active skill of this item, allows the user to call forth a totem and is a game-changer despite the fact that they are already significant advantages. The totem deals 30 damage each second and grants an aura that has many beneficial effects, such as decreasing ALL enemy damage by 30%.


The mechanic for reducing damage taken in Dota 2 isn’t exactly groundbreaking. Pipe of Insight is traditionally used to alleviate the effects of magic damage, while Crimson Witness is used to mitigate the effects of physical damage.

The second option is the Wraith Pact, which performs both of the aforementioned things, costs only 4,050 gold, and still offers more than the previous two items combined. It’s hilarious to see both sides buy the identical item to counteract the other’s advantage in a battle, despite the fact that Tundra virtually hurried to get this amazing item before every single match.

Not to mention the fact that the benefits of Wraith’s Retribution’s damage mitigation stack with the effects of other forms of damage mitigation. Pipe of Insight, which blocks 400 magic damage, should be used to top it off. After that, Leshrac should not do any damage. Because of how big of a glass cannon Leshrac is and the fact that lifesteal is necessary for him to stay alive, this renders heroes that are generally great at doing AOE damage obsolete.

When combined with the totem’s durability, which consists of a duration of 25 seconds, a cooldown of only 60 seconds, and the requirement of four hero hits to destroy it, the Wraith Pact totem is not an easy target to eliminate during an all-out team battle.


When looking back at the TI11 Grand Finals, the decision that Team Secret made to draft Leshrac in every single match seems completely absurd. At least in the beginning, before Purge explained the mathematics. In retrospect, the effect that the Wraith Pact had on the game was more to blame than Leshrac’s actions during it. After all, Leshrac is still capable of dealing a significant amount of damage, in addition to Bloodstone’s generous lifesteal.

It’s possible that Tundra’s crafty and cunning picks were what helped deflect attention away from the Wraith Pact as a potential game-winning item. If there is one thing that can be said to be consistent with Tundra’s drafts, it is that they tend to choose offlane heroes with farming abilities, such as Tidehunter, Beastmaster, and even Visage. This is the case even when they pick heroes from other lanes. In the early game, these heroes farm rather quickly, which allows them to rush Vladmir’s Offering and clear the jungle stacks first.

In addition, another unintended consequence of the Wraith Pact is that it lends an advantage to the victorious team by ensuring their continued survival in team battles. In most cases, the other side will not have a sufficient amount of damage output to be able to reverse the tide of a collision or high-ground push. Especially in situations where the other side has a counter-initiator, such as Tidehunter or Beastmaster.


We were correct in predicting that the nerf to Wraith Pact would be implemented soon; however, Icefrog would prefer to celebrate Diretide first. Don’t count on the patch arriving before the start of the new DPC season, so don’t count on it being available before the holidays.

For the time being, you can increase your chances of winning MMR by purchasing this convenient all-in-one item before each match while it is still available.

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