Talon Esports has earned the third seed for Southeast Asia as a result of their performance in the Dota 2 Regional Qualifiers.

Talon has traveled a path that has been arduous and twisting, but he will soon be boarding a trip to Singapore in order to attend Ti11. As a result of the last-chance qualifiers, Polaris Esports and T1 have not been eliminated from contention.

When you consider that Talon did not make their debut in Dota 2 until near the end of the year before, you can see how much they have accomplished in the past ten months.


When Talon first entered the Dota 2 circuit one year ago, they had a team that was considerably different from the one they field now. In-game, Tal “Fly” Aizik served as the group’s captain, although the experiment did not turn out very successfully. Within a number of months, Fly was removed from the setup, and this was followed by a swap of like-for-like players with T1. The player known as 23savage was given to Fly. The reason why T1 would want to let go of a player of his caliber is a subject that many people are still confused about, but it was the best thing that could have ever happened for Talon.

They competed against Lilgun in the quarterfinals of the Regional Qualifiers after advancing to the higher bracket along with five other teams and qualifying for it. Talon took their time, playing their games for well over 40 minutes total, but in the end, they were successful in achieving a 2-0 clean sweep. 23savage led the charge offensively in the first game, scoring 12 kills, while My Desired Prison and Q contributed seven kills apiece. Q led the team in assists with five.

In the semi-finals, they competed against Polaris Esports and managed to pull off another cool and precise 2-0 sweep of them. The scene was ready for an unforgettable battle against the celebrity-studded T1.

T1 were given the same result in the final of the upper bracket, despite the fact that they put up an incredible fight. In spite of the fact that the scoreboard read 2-0 at the end of the match, the battle itself was a lot more difficult than it appeared to be at first glance. Both the first game, which lasted for 56 minutes, and the second game, which lasted for 46 minutes, were won by Mikoto and 23savage, who were unstoppable forces of nature.

They each finished the first game with 15 kills and 11 kills respectively, and they collected close to 15,000 gold between the two of them. Despite an almost superhuman effort from Ana and Topson to attempt and bring the game to T1, Talon prevailed in the end thanks to 23savage’s 11 kills and mikoto’s seven. In the following round, Talon was led to victory by 23savage.

Up until the championship match, Talon had not suffered a single defeat in any of their previous matches. They were up against Polaris, a team that they had previously defeated with relative ease by a score of 2-0. In the championship match of the lower bracket, Polaris had prevailed over the underachieving T1, bringing T1 to the competition for the last chance to qualify.


The surprising performance of T1 in the Southeast Asian qualifiers has caught many people off guard. They started off the match by defeating Execration and RSG as expected, cruising to easy victories of 2-0 against both of those teams. However, they ran into a much tougher struggle when they faced Talon and Polaris. They were defeated in two consecutive series: the first was a 2-0 loss to T1 in the semifinals of the upper bracket, and the second was a 1-2 loss to Polaris in the lower bracket.

The second week of October, between the 8th and the 12th, will mark the beginning of the last chances, with only the top two players qualifying for the international competition. T1 will be competing in a challenging pool that includes some of the most talented teams in the world, including Team Liquid, Team Secret, Outsiders, and Xtreme Gaming.

Talon are the most recent team to join the International Groups of the Dota Pro Circuit after qualifying through the Regional Qualifiers. There have already been twelve teams who have qualified for the International Groups through the Dota Pro Circuit. At this point, there are just two places available for the groups, and the final opportunities will determine who gets in.

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