The esports athletes from Team Singapore win their first gold medal in the Southeast Asian VALORANT Games since video games were included in the sports competition. However, this victory was not without criticism.

The Mixed VALORANT (PC) event that Singapore was competing in against Indonesia for the gold medal took an unexpected turn on Wednesday (10 May) when Indonesia accused the Singapore team of misusing a Cypher glitch that gave them an advantage over their rivals in terms of vision.

During the game, Indonesia was trailing 4-10 when a technical pause occurred that lasted for at least two hours. After the pause, the feed was terminated without a conclusion being reached.

The Indonesian team asserted that Singapore’s positioning of VALORANT Agent Cypher’s camera was in a location that violated Singaporean law.

According to a statement sent by a spokeswoman for the Singapore Esports Association (SGEA) to OKBET Esports League, the game was not resumed, and participants were instructed to come in the morning in order to finish the games.

Tidus ‘STYRON’ Goh, Ayrton ‘art’ Soh, Yeoh ‘Divine’ Chun Ting, Ingram ‘FREY’ Tan, Rodman’vera’ Yap, and Marcus ‘nephesh’ Tan of the VALORANT team were granted the gold medal on Thursday after their Indonesian opponents decided not to continue with the match.

On the other hand, it wasn’t until much later that it was revealed Indonesia would also share the gold medal.

STYRON also tweeted that he was receiving “death threats in DMs” following the event and that the best-of-3 match between Singapore and Indonesia had already lasted 11 hours. STYRON’s tweets may be found here.

Singapore Wins VALORANT Gold After Indonesia Forfeits

However, Indonesian player Rafi “frosting” Diandra tweeted that a conversation with the moderators had supposedly indicated that the camera locations were not authorized, and he displayed images to back up his allegations. Rafi “frosting” Diandra tweeted that a conversation with the admins had allegedly claimed that the camera placements were not allowed.

Indonesia made the decision to pull out of the match just before it was scheduled to resume this morning, awarding Singapore the victory.

“Indonesia withdraws from the championship match in protest of the referee’s decision,” According to Frengky Ong, the Secretary General of the Indonesian Esports General Board (PBESI), “They will still be recorded as the silver medalist and will receive all rights and benefits accorded to that position.”

As a result of the forfeit, Singapore has won its first-ever esports gold medal at the Southeast Asian (SEA) Games. This is the first year that esports has been included as a medal sport at the SEA Games.

Southeast Asia has also contacted Riot Games, the publisher of VALORANT, in order to get their take on the situation.

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Singapore Wins VALORANT Gold After Indonesia Forfeits

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