SENTINELS – The upcoming VALORANT season in 2023 is going to be absolutely insane, and the VALORANT Champions Tour is going to be franchising all over the world.

The emergence of partner teams, the consolidation of regions in which there are already major teams into a league, as well as the growing relevance of local leagues, dramatically increase the amount of unpredictability surrounding the upcoming season.

The fact that there will only be room for 30 teams to compete in each of the three major leagues has already shown which teams are deeper and more talented than in the past. Sentinels, which is considered to be one of the best teams in North America, is one of the most prominent illustrations of this phenomenon. In contrast to the practices of other companies, the squad decked out in red and black moved rapidly to reveal their player lineup for the VALORANT 2023 season.


During their time competing on the VALORANT stage, Sentinels are one of the very few teams that have experienced both the highest and lowest echelons of the competition. They were able to prevent their opponents from winning almost all of the trophies early on in the competition, which created a significant gulf between their team and the other teams playing. This includes VALORANT’s first ever international LAN tournament, which was held in Reykjavik as part of the VCT 2022 Stage 2 Masters competition.

Nevertheless, they only maintained their superiority for a single year before it began to wane in the year 2021. In 2022, SEN was unable to obtain any results in any of the competitions that they participated in. Both the team as a whole and each individual player on the roster experienced a step backwards in their performance. After this, the 2022 season was even more disappointing than the previous one. Even after several rounds of shuffling the roster, the team that had previously held the top spot on the roster was unable to regain its prior prominence.

Now they will go into the whole new season with an entirely different roster than they had last time.

In the Sentinels’ lineup for the year 2023, TenZ is the sole player to have carried over from the team’s earlier iterations. The Canadian player will continue to make contributions to the club thanks to the social media savvy he possesses as well as the game-playing skills he possesses. A seasoned player from XSET with 30 years of experience, dephh is now in the lead in the game. The man who was born and raised in the United Kingdom has been an essential figure in the ascent of XSET, serving as a model of effective leadership for the players who are significantly younger than himself.

The third player on the team hails from the same XSET that the other two do. Everyone’s attention was drawn to zekken, who was only 17 years old at the time, due to his amazing performance during the previous season. Because of his very advanced play style for his age, he was an excellent fit for the flex-damage-dealer role.

A option that was not expected and could be considered risky was made by the Sentinels in order to fill out the remaining spots on the roster. Sacy and pANcada, both of whom had previously played for the VALORANT Champions 2022 champions LOUD of Brazil, were brought in by the squad in order to fill out its roster and bring it up to its full complement of players.

SicK, who has been a member of Sentinels ever since the club was founded, is going to take on the responsibility of being the sixth player on the team.

The availability of these signings wasn’t made public until after a number of teams were disinvited from the VCT in 2023.


The giant in North America once boasted an impressively talented player pool in their lineups. On the other hand, this is the first roster to come out of Sentinels that appears to have been properly designed, both in terms of the natural roles they play and the paper they are printed on.

Due to the fact that Dephh has spent a significant amount of time participating in the first-person shooter arena, he possesses the requisite in-game leadership experience. Both pANcada and Sacy are regarded as two of the top players in the world, making them ideal candidates for the Controller and Initiator roles, respectively.

It would appear that Zekken and TenZ are the two players on the team who specialize in doing damage. Sentinels will have a significant competitive edge as a result of Zekken’s capacity to adapt to a variety of jobs in response to changing circumstances. In addition, this will be the very first time that the team will have the opportunity to collaborate with a particular coaching staff for an extended period of time. They will never longer be abandoned in this region after they have been rescued.

Simply comparing this lineup’s raw numbers and performance to the raw talent rosters that Sentinels often goes for reveals that this roster is on par with those other rosters. This time around, there is an additional perk in the form of players that are deemed to be veterans in the field of competitive Valorant particularly. Collectively, the players have competed in each and every major event that has taken place in Valorant to far, as well as both of the VCT Champions tournaments.

The Sentinels will require some time, just like any other team with a completely fresh roster. There is a possibility that players will experience difficulty, as well as some fundamental aspects of the game not functioning properly. Nevertheless, every single member of the team possesses the skills and, more significantly, the level of professionalism necessary to triumph through such a test of their mettle.

Sentinels appear to have a bright future ahead of them, and we have no reason to doubt that they will be one of the most entertaining teams to watch once the new season gets underway.

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