SCUMP – “One last dance, ladies and gentlemen. My career as a professional Call of Duty player will come to an end after this upcoming season.

It was a brief message that was posted to an unprepared but somewhat anticipative Twitter audience. With those comments, Seth ‘Scump’ Abner made the announcement that in 2023, after competing in the Call of Duty esports scene for the past ten years, he will be retiring from the scene. It was a surprising news for fans all across the world, and although many may have seen it coming, hearing Scump announce his retirement is nonetheless extremely impacting despite the fact that many may have anticipated it.

In the world of competitive Call of Duty, Scump has been a consistent presence for a number of years. He is a legitimate world champion, a gold medalist in Call of Duty, he has thirty chips, and he has earned more than one million dollars competing in Call of Duty. It is a franchise that is resonant with everything that Scump does, from the popular content that he develops to the players that he motivates to play. This will be the thirteenth consecutive Call of Duty championship that Scump has participated on, and it will be his last season competing.

But this is the last of it.


Scump is without a doubt one of the most well-known esports competitors on the entire planet. The individual has 2.64 million subscribers on YouTube, 1.3 million followers on Twitch, and a following of 2.2 million users on Twitter. He has had a long and successful career in the game, the majority of which was spent competing under the banner of OpTic Gaming. He is considered a gaming legend. Once upon a time, Scump played a crucial role in what is widely considered to be the most influential dynasty of Call of Duty players that has ever existed.

Scump demonstrated that he is a multi-platform competitor in 2021 by winning the first ever ‘SOLO YOLO’ competition that was held as part of the World Series of Warzone. If that wasn’t enough, Scump also won the World Series of Warzone. Scump was awarded a one hundred thousand dollar prize for his achievement, significantly enhancing his already remarkable financial achievements. He is a seasoned professional in the field, and with the fan base that he already possesses, he is set for life as a content creator – or for whatever long he chose to continue working in this capacity.

Scump revealed the reasoning behind his retirement in a message that was published on Twitter.

“All I can say is that… My time, my efforts, and my energy, along with one more season, is pretty much all that I have left in my tank in terms of just my mental… All of those items. I believe that I have one more wonderful year to contribute to not only myself, but also my teammates, most importantly, my coaching staff, my incredible partners, the people I work with at OpTic, and you guys, the GreenWall.’

Scump just recently announced that he is going to marry his long-term girlfriend, Isabelle. It should come as no surprise that he is stepping back from actively competing in order to focus more on his family life at this point because he mentioned in his retirement message that Call of Duty esports are so competitive that there is little time for anything else. This is because he is retiring from actively competing in order to focus more on the game. The fact that there is still one more season to go, however, provides Scump with the opportunity to give the Call of Duty League one final ferocious fight and, if successful, leave on a tremendously high note.

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