After performing in Reykjavik, Paper Rex has grabbed the attention of a large number of fans. As they prepare to compete in the VCT Masters Copenhagen, some people view them as underdogs, while others view them as favorites to win the tournament.

What distinguishes the greatest team in the APAC area from the other teams in the region?

Paper Rex has already qualified for the VCT Masters Berlin by the year 2021, but unfortunately they dropped their first two matches and were eliminated during the group round. They shocked the analysts and pundits by finishing fourth in Reykjavik, where they had previously performed poorly. A win-loss record of 92 and 22 right now, which is very amazing. The squad has won their last eight games in a row, which has helped them climb to the top spot in the rankings for the Asia-Pacific area.


The well-known Counter-Strike gamer Harley “dsn” rwall and Nikhil “nikH” Hathiramani, founder and chief editor of CSGO2ASIA, are the ones that kicked off the creation of Paper Rex in January of 2020. Paper Rex was victorious in the APAC qualifiers for this iteration of the VCT Masters, and as a result, the team does not have to compete in the group stages of the competition.

They finished in fourth place at the VCT in Reykjavik, which many people thought was a remarkable accomplishment for a team like them at the time. The following individuals are currently participating in Paper Rex:

  • mindfreak
  • f0rsakeN
    Benkai (Captain/IGL)
  • d4v41
  • JdFaker (Manager)
  • Alecks (Coach)

If one were to generalize their playing style while playing a game, it would be all-out aggression with a little amount of trolling just for fun. This would be the case if one had to generalize their playing style. They have their plans and line-ups planned out with as much precision as is humanly possible. One may claim that they are the most aggressive squad in the game, period, wherever in the globe. Paper Rex does not follow the same mentality as other teams, which typically shift their playstyle in response to the opponent or the map they are playing on.

When compared to one another, the playing styles of each region share certain similarities but also have some distinct variances. On the other hand, one side can utilize a composition that consists of two duelists on the game map while another can use a setup with three initiators but no duelists. Paper Rex defies convention and is able to play absolutely wacky lineups to truly throw off their opponents and mess with their minds.


Because they are a team whose sole objective is to cause mayhem, they have developed a playstyle that makes the most of aim duels and compels the other teams to make use of bait. Watching it is a breath of new air for many fans, who find it to be highly enjoyable in the process. Because many of the participants in this event have either watched the Asian teams compete or competed against them in regional competitions, one could say that the Asian teams in this tournament could be their point of struggle.

It is necessary to point out that there is a significant amount of mobility between the players in the positions that they play despite the fact that the majority of their team has a positive kill/death ratio in the official matches. Benkai, on the other hand, is able to move between the roles of controller and initiator, and even play the role of a sentinel-type Cypher at times due to his playstyle. One of their primary initiators is a player like D4v41, who is most of the time one of the initiators.

One person to keep an eye out for is Forsaken, who is their primary duelist and can primarily be seen playing either Jett or Chamber. This player should be avoided at all costs. The fact that his Average Combat Score, also known as ACS, is currently at 284.7 demonstrates how much of an influence he has on each game. This is one statistic that everyone should remember and keep in mind.

Therefore, there is a good likelihood that Paper Rex will place in the Top 4 of this tournament, and they also have a chance to win VCT Masters Copenhagen, and it is not an extremely remote prospect for them to do so.

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