This week, Ninja stunned the streaming community by suddenly leaving his channel and seemingly leaving Twitch as a whole.

The streamer went through a difficult period. He then moved away from his stream in Fortnite and deleted his information from a number of other platforms after getting angry at rift to leave. After this, Ninja stopped streaming and removed all traces of his presence from various social media platforms. This occurred just a few days after teasing significant upcoming events.

This is what has transpired, and we will discuss if it appears that Ninja will permanently stop streaming or whether he is simply taking a break.


Fortnite was where He first gained widespread recognition. In Chapter 2, the player did indeed get up and walk away from the game. However, he’s been returned in Chapter 3. That does not mean that he is completely content with the way the game is currently balanced. In particular, it appears that a recent rift to go episode was the final straw that drove him over the line.

After only a couple of hours of broadcasting on Twitch, and well in advance of the time that he would regularly end his broadcasting for the day, He walked away from his computer. It all started in the latter stages of a round of Zero Builds.

Ninja was getting closer to a player who was in a van, but the player rifted as soon as Ninja got close enough. At first, he reasoned that anyone who used the rift against him must be “trolling” him. However, he did manage to kill it. After this, things appeared to return to normal with the game. Even though a foe was getting away, Ninja was getting a little frustrated, but things didn’t look too tense.

After recovering their health, the player defeated another pair of foes before becoming aware of a new fissure. After rifting himself. Ninja, trying to shove a player who had just unleashed a Kamehameha, but something went wrong. Once more, the player was able to rift.

After that, Ninja remained silent for a couple of seconds before speaking. “Man, I just can’t do it anymore. I just can’t… I can’t stand how these players constantly spam rift to gos… I can’t take it anymore, guy.

Before “I’m leaving, I’m done”. After that, he walked out of the picture while announcing that he was pausing the live feed in order to prevent himself from “losing his mind.” After stating that he was unsure of when he will return to his chat room live, he exited the room.

An extreme response to a split that needs to be healed. However, a significant number of supporters believe that it may have more to do with exhaustion than simple anger at the rifts. Right after Ninja stopped streaming, he completely removed all traces of his online presence.


The fact that this does not appear to be a typical hiatus from streaming presents a significant puzzle regarding Ninja. The gamer has taken down his profile image along with other identifying information from both his Twitch and Twitter accounts. His username is now “User Not Found” since he changed it. Since his Twitch channel was also unable to pass verification, Twitch terminated their partnership with him as a result.

This happened only a few days after Ninja had hinted that further developments were coming soon.

Then, what exactly does this mean? Some people have hypothesized that the “Where” component of what Ninja is planning involves something significant.


Following the shutdown of Mixer, Ninja entered into a two-year partnership with Twitch. That partnership may soon come to an end. There has been some speculation among Ninja’s admirers that this is the real reason he has decided to stop streaming. It’s possible that he’ll look into purchasing a new platform while he takes a break right now. This might be his own platform, YouTube, or any other streaming network that has deep enough pockets to entice him to join.

We don’t know a lot about what transpired with Ninja, and one of the things that keeps us guessing is what Ninja has in store for us next. It would appear that the decision to end the feed was made on the fly, at least up to that point in time.

Before leaving, Ninja did extend an apology to his other teammate. However, it does appear that he may have planned on taking a sabbatical of some kind in order to deliberate on which platform he will choose to use. Even if the decision to split was made on the spur of the moment. We will have to keep a sharp eye out for Ninja to see where he appears next.

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