Marcin “Jankos” Jankowski, the veteran jungler for G2 Esports, has stated that he will be departing the team before the 2023 season.

With this announcement, an era comes to a close. The Polish jungler is currently considering all of his available alternatives for the upcoming season while being open to offers.

G2 Esports is widely recognized as one of the most dominant teams in the history of electronic sports. Due to the fact that they have dominated the European League of Legends scene for such a significant amount of time, their dynasty is unquestionably legendary in the game. During the period in which the team was dominant, Marcin “Jankos” Jankowski was one of the most important members of the squad. As a result of the many individual accolades bestowed upon him, he is regarded as one of the most valuable players in the esports business.


The year 2013 marked the beginning of Jankos’ professional career in League of Legends. Prior to joining Team ROCCAT, he was a member of Bajona Robimy w 15, Team Mistral, GF-Gaming, and Kiedys Mialem Team. Team ROCCAT allows players to compete at the greatest level possible in Europe. ROCCAT once competed in the League of Legends European Championship Series (EU LCS) after acquiring the players from the Kiedys Mialem Team.

After that, he became a member of H2k Gaming and remained there for two years. He reached the semifinals of the World Championship in 2016 while playing alongside a number of notable players such as Odoamne, Ryu, FORG1VEN, and Vander. After the conclusion of the 2017 season, he parted ways with H2k Gaming and inked a contract with G2 Esports, which marked a significant turn in the trajectory of his professional career.

First, he took home the trophy for Rift Rivals 2018 competition. As a result of G2 Esports’ victory at the EU Regional Finals 2018, the organization is now guaranteed a berth at Worlds 2018, and Jankos has once more advanced to the semifinals of Worlds. After G2 Esports signed Caps and Mikyx prior to the LEC 2019 Spring Season, they were able to establish themselves as the dominant team in the league.

Jankos has been a part of every one of the five LEC championships that his team has won since that time. In addition, G2 Esports won the MSI 2019 trophy and made it to the Worlds 2019 Grand Finals. After that, they competed in the Worlds 2020 Semifinals, and finally, they competed in the MSI 2022 Semifinals.


G2 Esports’ performance gradually declined over time after the team parted ways with Perkz; despite this, Jankos continued to play his heart out in an effort to maintain the team ranked as highly as possible. Since the beginning of his professional career, the Polish player has been honored with a great number of individual accolades. After playing for G2 Esports for the past five years, it is time for him to look for a new team to call his own.

There are a number of different opportunities for the seasoned gamer. It’s possible that he’d choose to remain in Europe, travel to another continent, and begin his competitive career in the North American region, or both. It does not appear like Jankos playing for an Asian team is the best alternative for him because he will have better options in the west, where he will be able to create better chemistry with his teammates and avoid any language difficulties.

As you may already be aware, the company was the subject of criticism, which led to Carlos “ocelote” Rodrigues, the CEO, resigning from his position at G2. Jankos is currently weighing his options, and given that the season has concluded for teams in the western conference, it is possible that he will receive overtures from other clubs in the interim in an effort to sign a deal. Because he is a very good and experienced player, the power rankings of teams will be impacted as a result of his decision. The move will undoubtedly have an impact on betting on League of Legends, and Jankos will demonstrate once more why he is valuable in the upcoming season.

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