HOKORI -It’s not unusual for Dota 2 teams to switch up their rosters, but for a Peruvian institution to do so in the South American scene is a telltale symptom of withering performance.

Hokori has had a remarkable DPC (2021-22) season, as seen by his rise to the position of close runner-up to downhill elimination from Division 1.

They are at it again, moving players about on the roster without explanation. They lost two spots and picked up two new ones this time around.


The fact that Hokori scooped up Thiago “Thiolicor” Cordeiro again, after having apparently kicked him, came as quite a shock to the crowd. During the DPC SA Tour 3, Yelsthin “elmisho” Hurtado took the place of the previous player, however he quit after the team finished in eighth place. To answer the question of why they opted to bring Thiolicor back on the active line-up, the answer can be as simple as the fact that they are preparing for the International 11 (TI11) qualifications.

The International 11 (TI11) will begin in October, and its qualifications are scheduled to begin at least one month before the main competition. To put it another way, there isn’t much wiggle room left for any team who is still holding out hope that they can make it into TI11. As a result, reestablishing Thilicor’s synergy with the team was a prudent choice that paid off.

We would like to express our gratitude to you for the period of time that you were on our side and for the amount of effort that you devoted to the team during each conflict. We hope that you will have much success in the years to come.


Alongside him is Edward “Lumière” Valencia, who has been a member of a number of different SA teams during the course of his career and was also a player for Hokori in the past. And as it turns out, recruiting Hokori’s founding players was exactly what Hokori had in mind all along.

Joo “4nalog” Giannini is the team’s latest member, although he also had a history with Hokori before the two ‘new’ joiners joined. This was before the two ‘new’ joiners joined. As a consequence of this, the Hokori mass shuffle was nothing more than a reassembling of the group’s original members.


After finishing in eighth place in the DPC SA Tour 3, Hokori were eliminated from Division 1 competition. If Hokori’s goal is to make it to TI11, their current situation cannot be tolerated in light of the recent success of other South American teams like Beastcoast and Thunder Awakening.

Putting DPC seasons to the side, TI11 is still a goal that’s not impossible. As a result, Hokori was frantically trying to recruit its founding members. On the other hand, it’s not like Hokori was ever at their best because all they ever managed to do was remain competitive in Division 1. At least up until the most recent DPC South Africa Tour 2, which saw Hokori just miss out on qualifying for the Stockholm Major. They really gave Beastcoast a run for their money in the 2nd-3rd tiebreaker that they had with Beastcoast; it was a really close match.

Unluckily for Hokori, beastcoast was able to steal the show with a game-winning team fight, which demonstrated their awareness of Hokori’s Chaos Knight as a potential adversary. In order to find a countermeasure, Beastcoast rushed BKB across all of their carry players.


Even though it is a third-party tournament, ESL One Malaysia 2022 has a substantial prize pool and will take place prior to The International 11. In the South African qualifiers, Hokori will compete against a wide variety of regional adversaries, including Thunder Awaken, beastcoast, and Infamous.

These are rivals who, at various times, have taken everyone by storm by putting up a remarkable performance of strength during key competitions. For instance, at the Stockholm Major, Thunder Awaken and beastcoast finished in fifth and sixth place, respectively. It was a big accomplishment for South African teams as they became a mainstay among the top rankings in majors, and this gets us to the question of how Hokori aims to disrupt its competitors.

To begin, Hokori’s drafts are quite basic and place a significant emphasis on strong execution during matches. Because of this, they are in a precarious position when compared to their competitors, who are unequivocally superior when it comes to the synergy of the entire team. Since then, Hokori has made an effort to broaden its range of offerings by executing spectacular drafts, as was the case during the DPC SA Tour 3.

It was a generally bad display of drafting expertise, and basically, they need to return to their origins of meta drafting and strong execution. [Case in point:]

Hokori’s time spent experimenting has come to an end. They are excited about the prospect of competing in the ESL One Malaysia 2022 against some of the greatest players in the world. It will be interesting to observe how the’revamped’ lineup performs against its competitors in the future.

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