FURIA – The beginning of VALORANT Champions 2022 is drawing nearer by the day. Following the conclusion of the Last Chance Qualifier events, the teams that will take part in the year’s largest and most crucial tournament are now determined.

In contrast to the previous year, Brazil was only able to send two of its athletes to compete in the year-end tournament this time around. The one constant that can be said about the region is that the FURIA’s are taking advantage of their final opportunity to attend the event.

Let’s review the path that FURIA took in 2022 and their status leading up to the VCT Champions competition.


FURIA have never been considered the “best” squad in the region ever since they first appeared on the VALORANT scene in January 2021. Occasionally falling further behind Vivo Keyd and the Vikings, but ultimately finishing the season ahead of them by a razor’s edge. In 2022, when LOUD was first formed, the squad faced a fresh challenge in the form of a new adversary.

FURIA began the 2022 season with the same roster as they used in the 2021 VCT. Even though the roster fell further behind other teams throughout the course of the year, it got a break around the end of the year and was able to compete in the VALORANT Champions 2021 tournament. It was uncertain whether or not they would be able to continue along this path. After the beginning of the 2022 campaign, it became clear that the organization had not undergone very significant transformations in that time.


With a record of two victories and two losses throughout the VCT 2022 Brazil Stage 1 Challengers competition, the team qualified for the Playoffs. FURIA’s Stage 1 voyage came to an end in Lower-Bracket Round 2 without a victory over their primary competitors, thereby ensuring that history would repeat itself once again.

As soon as Stage 2 got underway, the Brazilian representative’s luck started turning around for the better. They only fell short in the group stage against LOUD, but they were able to dominate every other team. The playoffs had the potential to be a very different experience for them this season. Unfortunately, FURIA was forced to snap out of the fantasy with two devastating setbacks right away. After losing to Keyd Stars by a score of 2-1 and then to Los Grandes by the same score, they were eliminated from the knockout stage because they did not win a match.

The VCT 2022 South America Last Chance Qualifier will determine whether or not FURIA will have a chance to compete in an international event, just as it did the previous year. In order to make the most of their final opportunity of the year, the organization went out and picked up dgzin from Gamelanders Blue and entered the tournament with a completely new lineup.

In contrast to other regional championships, the South American LCQ featured participation from teams hailing from both the LATAM region and Brazil. Because of this, teams had no choice but to get ready to play in a variety of ways.


As a result, FURIA got off to a winning start in the competition with a victory over FUSION. In addition to defeating 9z Team to advance to the championship round of the upper bracket, the group finally found the morale they needed. They were defeated by the end-game boss KRÜ Esports here, and as a result, they were sent to the Lower-Bracket Final. It was enough for FURIA to win the Lower Final because the regulations stipulated that two teams from the LCQ would advance to the VALORANT Champions 2022 tournament.

In the championship match, they faced off against TBK Esports, a team that was familiar to them from competing in their region. FURIA grabbed the last ticket by claiming victory in a best-of-five match by a score of 3-0, without suffering any map point losses. Mazin, the team’s flex player, finished the match with an average of 228 ACS and contributed 56 kills to the team’s overall victory.

DRX of Korea will serve as FURIA’s first rival in the VALORANT Champions 2022 tournament. The contest is going to be held on September 2nd.

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