The DRX players’ fairytale has come to an end, and they are now prepared to collect the greatest reward that their achievements have earned them: League of Legends skins that they may customize for their champions.

DRX players have decided which champions should have their skins made available, and the entire list of champions can be found here.

At the Worlds 2022 Grand Finals, T1 and DRX engaged in significant competition with one another. In order to take home the championship for this season, both of the LCK’s representatives had to perform at their absolute best. DRX started off in the play-in stage and worked their way all the way up to first place.

Because to the incredible efforts of Zeka and Kingen, as well as the overall team cohesion, DRX was able to win the trophy for the first time in the history of the franchise. On the other side of the competition, Faker was unable to retake his crown back, and his team, DRX, lost to them with a score of 3-2. This result shocked the forecasts for the Worlds 2022 power ranking.


Every year, the person who takes home the Worlds trophy gets to choose a champion for whom they want their unique skin to be made available to the public. Riot Games invested a lot of time into creating the League of Legends Worlds skins, and each one represents a different aspect of the competition. As a result, many of the game’s players consider these skins to be among the game’s very finest. Faker has been successful in this endeavor on multiple occasions, and now it is Zeka’s turn, one of his younger rivals.

DRX WORLDS 2022 SKIN PICKSKingen – Aatrox

  • Pyosik – Kindred
  • Zeka – Akali
  • Deft – Caitlyn
  • BeryL: It’s not a sure thing, but he is considering Ashe.

Throughout the 2022 season, Kingen experienced a number of highs and lows, but he was able to close out the year with a strong performance in the finals. During the grand final series, he made two different picks with Aatrox and completely destroyed his opponents with him. It was primarily due to his play as Aatrox that he was awarded Most Valuable Player for the Finals.

Second, Pyosik has decided to go with Kindred, which was to be expected. The fact that Pyosik used to be a one-trick Kindred player before obtaining a professional contract gives the champion a great deal of significance for him. On the other hand, Akali is Zeka’s preferred choice. He correctly predicted the winner of the Worlds 2022 tournament six times, resulting in four victories. He has unbelievably strong mechanics with the champion, and it is evident that he enjoys playing it.

Caitlyn was Deft’s first choice for the championship since she had the most interesting backstory. His career began a very long time ago, but back in those days, Jinx was by far his most famous champion. Deft finally made his decision, and it was to use Caitlyn as his Worlds skin. Last but not least, BeryL’s choice is not yet entirely transparent. This will be his second skin for Worlds, since he previously went with Leona two years ago. According to a snippet of one of his sentences, his choice may very well be Ashe even if it is not quite certain at this point.


The victory of DRX in Worlds 2022 demonstrated to all teams that anything is possible. They were not the best team in the LCK this season, but they were able to make it all the way to the Worlds stage anyhow. Although it was clear that DRX had the greatest performance throughout the play-in rounds, the vast majority of people were still skeptical about whether or not they would advance to the playoffs. DRX was able to win by defeating Faker’s T1 and proving everyone else wrong in the process. The circumstances that led to Deft’s lengthy absence from the trophy scene are also worthy of admiration.

Last but not least, DRX’s victory in the LoL Worlds could come as a shock to those who bet on the competition, but some of the players have undoubtedly increased their winnings as a direct result of the unexpected outcome.

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