This is really significant information, as it appears that the rumors that were initially spread about Doublelift were correct.

After almost two years in retirement, he has decided to come out of retirement and will soon begin competing at the highest level once more. The majority of NA fans are likely going to be incredibly ecstatic with this piece of news.

Many people consider Doublelift to be the best League of Legends player to ever come out of North America. His record of success in the game’s most important competitions and the number of trophies in his collection tell volumes about the level of player he is.

The addition of Doublelift to 100 Thieves implies that Unforgiven will be demoted to the team’s academy for the 2023 League of Legends LCS season.

Before the start of the League of Legends Champions Series 2023 season, Doublelift is going to become a member of the 100 Thieves. After nearly two years of retirement, he has decided to come out of retirement and resume his quest to compete at the highest level possible and earn the title of world champion once more.

It is essential, however, to keep in mind that the MAD Lions were the ones who sold Unforgiven to the 100 Thieves when they were competing in the LEC. Due to the fact that Doublelift will be joining them, it is unfortunate that he will not get the opportunity to play for the main squad.

Because of this, Unforgiven will have to compete in the League of Legends Championship Series (LCS) for the academy squad of the 100 Thieves, which is obviously a disappointing turn of events given that Unforgiven was a member of the LEC All Pro team for the 2022 Summer Split.

Due to the fact that he was unable to locate a team in Europe to play for, he will now be required to participate in the academy team of the 100 Thieves. Even so, he serves as insurance for 100 Thieves in the event that Doublelift is unsuccessful.

This is due to the fact that Doublelift, despite the reputation that he has, has not been actively competing for a considerable amount of time. Therefore, it is possible that the pressure will become too much for him when he competes against the younger players of today.

In the year 2020, he was a member of Team Solo Mid, which was the most recent professional team he competed for. Despite the fact that he won the LCS during that season, the game has changed a great deal since then, and he will have to overcome a number of obstacles once the 2023 season of the LCS begins in earnest.

In any event, the official confirmation of Doublelift’s arrival will take some time, and fans should anticipate that it will be completed somewhere around the middle of December. It is difficult to speculate on how much of an effect he will have before the start of the season proper because of the lack of available information.

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