Crimsix, who holds the record for the most victories in the history of Call of Duty, has confirmed that he will no longer participate in competitive Call of Duty.

In a video that was uploaded to YouTube, he explained that there was a “big generational divide” that he was having trouble bridging. He went on to say that he was basically one of the last surviving veterans from a breed of COD competitors that was decades old. Crimsix has now resigned from competition after a career spanning sixteen years and yielding a total of over one million dollars in earnings, in addition to 38 major victories and three world titles.

Crimsix, also known as Ian Porter, has been grappling with the realization that he may not be able to obtain a starting berth in the 2023 Call of Duty League season for the past few weeks. When it finally struck on him that there would be no genuine place for him to call home in the CDL the following season, he took the challenging decision to ultimately move on. Given that Crimsix is one of the very few “founding fathers” of modern Call of Duty competitive gaming who is still alive, this news comes as a devastating blow to the Call of Duty esports community.


Crimsix explained his choice in a video that was published on his YouTube page. The film lasted for a total of twelve minutes. It was a heartfelt farewell to the Call of Duty esports community that expressed everything very properly, beginning to end:

Crimsix came to the conclusion that he is not as young as he used to be and that times are most certainly changing, which was the driving factor behind this choice. It was somewhere in the middle of his statement when he started discussing this idea, saying:

“When we were in the middle of the season, I looked at the League, and I discovered that not only was I the oldest player – or the second oldest, when Clay was playing – but I also started looking at the coaches, as well. When I looked at the casters, I realized that I was significantly older than the majority of the coaches. In addition to the fact that Maven is 600 years old, I came to the realization that I was also older than the majority of casters.

He went on to clarify that in order to become a competitive Call of Duty player, one must be willing to make a significant number of sacrifices, something that “outsiders” would not necessarily be aware of. Crimsix, who is a career player and is currently of the age that he is, sadly brought to light the fact that it takes a great deal more time, work, and energy to be able to compete at the level that is required to be labeled an esports competitor.

Nevertheless, this is not the end of Crimsix’s tale, as he continued to discuss his future and elaborated at length on the topics that he will be concentrating on in the near future:

“Content is the next step, by the way, gentlemen,” the speaker continued. I’m going to transition into the content industry, I’m going to compete in Warzone 2, I’m going to broadcast anything that I can and make YouTube videos on a daily basis, and I’m going to try everything that’s out there. And I’m not only talking about Warzone 2; I’m talking about other car-related things as well, like racing simulations and other similar things. Perhaps I’ll take in a few Formula One races here and there. In addition to that, I want to conduct activities that include guns and other types of firearms.

Crimsix concluded his monumental and startling announcement with a tense message, which read as follows:

“I’m excited, but before we go any further, let me just say that I’m also afraid.” I’m shaking like a leaf, you guys. Because, you are aware – as I mentioned before – it has been sixteen years… It’s the only thing I’ve ever known for sure in my entire life.’

Crimsix is the Call of Duty player with the most career victories, and his departure will send shockwaves across the community as a result of his status as the most successful player in the game’s history. He has been revered as a genuine in-game leader for many years, and he has spent that time employing his incredible and priceless knowledge to guide a new generation of players into the unknown. Right now, we take a look at all of the teams and players and wonder which of the famous personalities currently competing for a spot on those teams will be the next to retire.

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