Black Ops, the newest installment in the Call of Duty series In November of 2020, Cold War was made available to the public, although it did not garner a very positive reception.

Although the reviews were, for the most part, quite positive, the community that supports Call of Duty was somewhat divided, and a discussion about whether or not Cold War was genuinely good broke out. Others said it was the best Call of Duty game that had been released in years, while others thought it was the most poorly designed game in the franchise’s history. The subject of whether or not Call of Duty: Cold War is worth purchasing is one that has been on everyone’s mind recently.

Even now, some two years after the game’s initial release, there is still a significant player community for Cold War. This is primarily due to the fact that Vanguard had a bad launch window, which resulted in fans abandoning the game an astonishingly short amount of time after it had been released. Even though there will be no more improvements rolled out for Cold War, many players still prefer it to Vanguard due of its more pleasant, colorful, and relatively easier multiplayer experience.

In light of this, ask yourself this: Is it still worthwhile to play Call of Duty: Cold War in 2022? Let’s find out.

When it comes to any Call of Duty game, precisely determining the number of players is extraordinarily challenging. Since this is one of the crucial data points that is required to establish whether or not Call of Duty is dying, Activision naturally tries to keep the numbers close to its chest. On older Call of Duty games, there used to be a tracker that indicated how many players were currently connected to the game’s servers at any given moment; however, this feature has been deleted for a very long time.

If, on the other hand, we look to social tracking systems such as TwitchTracker, we can get a ballpark estimate of how popular a game is based on the number of people who watch its streams, On average, a game’s total popularity increases in direct proportion to the number of people watching it being streamed on a service such as Twitch. You would probably guess that some of the best Call of Duty games dominate these platforms and consistently rank very high up on the rankings, but how do the older games fare?

There are approximately 1,380 unique users that typically watch Cold War per week on average. In instance, Vanguard has a seven-day average of roughly 2,300, which means that there isn’t a whole lot of difference between the two. It’s a close race, and the fact that Vanguard is now holding the Call of Duty title is the only thing that’s keeping it in the lead at the moment. Having said that, people do still play Cold War; in fact, there are probably tens of thousands of gamers online at any given time.


Over the course of the franchise’s existence, each and every Call of Duty game has, at one point or another, satisfied the requirements of “worth it” to at least one player. There will always be a player base that enjoys a Call of Duty game, despite the fact that these games have their own lifecycles and will, at some point, be taken out of circulation.

There is, of course, a subset of the community that will despise each and every Call of Duty game, but for some reason, they will still purchase the annual release. When Cold War was released, these two parts of the community were incredibly obvious, and the game provided the most tangible rift that the community had seen in years.

There were a number of things that worked in Cold War’s favor, the first of which was the relatively robust Call of Duty esports scene that was behind it. Then there was the continuation of the ever-popular Black Ops plot, which includes some of the best Call of Duty characters in the annals of series history. It featured an exceptionally well-balanced, vibrant, and fun multiplayer platform that performed fairly beautifully, and for the most part, it was very stable.

And then, as if that weren’t enough, Call of Duty: Cold War offered one of the most impressive Zombies experiences we’ve ever had in any Call of Duty game.

There are currently quite a few other video games available that are comparable to Call of Duty, but in all candor, there is nothing wrong with the COD Cold War installment. There is still a lot of content that can be enjoyed, despite the fact that it is an older title, which means that it is likely to be available for purchase during a bargain.

Is Call of Duty: Cold War a good investment of your time? Absolutely.

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