The World Championships ’22 are drawing near, but this is dreadful information for Fnatic. The team announced not too long ago that the bot lane of the team, consisting of Upset and Hylissang, had tested positive for Covid-19.

This indicates that the squad may be required to participate in numerous initial games with a lineup consisting entirely of substitutes, depending on how the situation develops.

What are their plans going forward, and how strong is Fnatic’s position now that these upgrades have been implemented?


In preparation for Worlds 2022, the LEC squad was given permission to make a last-minute addition to their roster. According to an official announcement released by Riot Games, the squad has called up the support player Rben “Rhuckz” Barbosa. Rhuckz has a history of playing with Fnatic’s ERL team, known as Fnatic TQ. They will make up the starting bot lane for the first matches of the Worlds, along with the substitute ADC BEAN.

It is currently unknown when Upset and Hylissang will return to the squad, as this will rely on whether or not FNC is able to compete for a sufficient amount of time and make it to the group stage. Having said that, what are the chances that this new FNC lineup will be successful?

As a result of the team’s placement in group A, they won’t have to contend with the most difficult opposition, so things should go more smoothly.

Since Evil Geniuses will also be playing with the substitute ADC Kaori, the skill levels of both teams should be somewhat comparable. We also need to take into account the fact that BEAN has already competed at Worlds. Back then, he was a substitute for Upset, who was forced to withdraw due to personal difficulties. For a guy who had never even competed at the LEC level before, his performance was rather amazing.

The question at hand is, “How successfully can a full ERL-level bot lane compete against the other lanes?” The players should be at at the same level mechanically, although Fnatic could have coordination issues owing to their low level of preparation, something that Upset also highlighted on stream with Nick “LS” De Cesare.

In spite of this, Fnatic is a squad that is powerful enough to compete with the minor regions in group A. Even though it could take them some time to settle into a rhythm, as long as they finish in the top four, the team will have a chance to move on to the next round. FNC will have a far more difficult path ahead of them, but while they wait for their colleagues to recuperate, they will be more hungry than ever.

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