The World Championship starts in one week, and the anticipation level is over the roof! The play-ins stage is where the Japanese representative DFM will compete, just like they did the year before, and they are looking to attain the same level of success as before. However, how are they currently doing, and do they stand a chance?

In this preview for the League of Legends Worlds, we will explain everything in detail for you.


Two of DFM’s players left the team during the offseason after they had just finished their best ever at Worlds the previous year. The Korean mid Aria has joined KT Rolster, while the support Gaeng has been unable to find a new team to play for.

In order to find suitable replacements for them, DFM made the decision to acquire two more Korean players from the LCK. They made the swap with Aria in order to acquire Yaharong from Fredit Brion and Harp from KT Roster.

They have been dominating the competition in the LJL despite the fact that they are not among the elite players in the LCK’s skill pool. They have consistently gotten off to a solid start in the early game, with an average of roughly 2.8 thousand gold after 15 minutes of play.

The coaching staff is comprised entirely of players who have previously competed for DFM; as a result, each member of the staff has extensive experience with both the organization and the surrounding atmosphere. It was anticipated that DFM would dominate the Japanese League because it has a solid framework supporting it.


After all of that has been said, the issue that arises is the following: how powerful is DFM this year in comparison to the previous year, and are they capable of truly competing for a berth in the group stage?

The squad was placed in group A, which many people believe to be the more manageable of the two owing to the absence of the fourth seeds from both the LCK and the LPL. In spite of this, there are still teams from the LCS and LEC, like as Fnatic and Evil Geniuses, as well as the second seed in the PCS, Beyond Gaming, which should not be overlooked. (PCS has always fielded competitive teams)

On paper, EG and FNC should be above DFM, and BYG should most likely be on the same level as them. Although it is difficult to establish a straight comparison, we can still study DFM’s playstyle leading up to Worlds, and I would argue that it is rather intriguing.

Since the Worlds patch has been released, we may witness a movement away from the bot lane into the mid and jungle lanes, with the top lane potentially garnering more attention than before.

In comparison to ADC Yutapon, who is known for being the foundation of the squad, Yaharong has been doing exceptionally well in the summer playoffs and has done far more damage. He has demonstrated a respectable champion pool, and one might say the same thing about top lane Evi. Some people will remember him as someone who was always a well-rounded player, someone who is capable of playing virtually anything at a high level. He has the potential to become an additional weapon for DFM to use at this year’s Worlds.

Steal, DFM’s jungler, is undoubtedly the source of the most concern right now. He has played for Wukong the bulk of the time, despite the champion’s lack of diversity and the fact that he has been severely nerfed in the most recent patches. Even in the playoffs, he played Wukong five out of a possible seven times. It is possible that DFM will have difficulty succeeding in drafts if he is unable to add more variety to his pool.


In terms of the standings at the end of the first stage, I believe that DFM will come in third overall. They may have the opportunity to fight for a position, depending on their level, but doing so will require them to compete against the second seed from the opposing group, who may also be RNG or DRX.

It is going to be challenging for the Japanese team, but that is something that every wildcard area will have to go through this year. However, in comparison to other players, DFM has slightly improved probability of qualifying for the LoL Worlds.

Tune in to the broadcast on September 29 to watch DFM in action, which is when the play-in stage will get underway.

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