BUGHA – This week saw the conclusion of the first major competitive event for Chapter 3, as the FNCS Chapter 3 Finals were held and competed for.

The collection of games offered a compelling illustration of the increasingly complex and skill-intensive nature of the competition in recent years, and they did not disappoint. We’ve seen some of the best gaming we’ve ever seen in competitive Fortnite thanks, in large part, to the new map, item pool, and mythics for this season.

There were a lot of unexpected outcomes in this year’s championships across the world’s many areas, but the back-to-back wins by Bugha and Mero are possibly the most noteworthy piece of information.


The FNCS is unquestionably the competition that stands at the pinnacle of the game’s rankings in terms of difficulty. Given the variations that come with starting a brand-new chapter of the game, this most recent FNCS event has been a lot of fun. The game’s incredible mobility is thanks in large part to features like sliding and the current mythics. The spray meta has thrown a wrench into the game’s mechanics and altered the appearance of high-level Fortnite. That is one of the many reasons why the most recent FNCS has been so thrilling. Given all of these shifts, it is somewhat astonishing that two players have managed to win consecutive matches in this competition:


Bugha first gained widespread recognition after he triumphed at the Fortnite World Cup, but after that, his overall performance began to suffer. In spite of this, the player and his companion Mero have disproved the claims of anyone who believed he had reached his peak performance in recent months. In the North American East division of the FNCS Chapter 3, Bugha was victorious, giving him his second FNCS title after his victory in the Grand Royale to round out Chapter 2. The player is currently participating in a run that is completely ridiculous.

As part of the transition to the Trio format, he and Mero were required to eliminate one of their players; nonetheless, two of their members have managed to keep their position as the best in their respective region. They were the most notable competitors in every tournament despite the fact that this region’s contests featured a large number of talented players.

If you had questioned me about Bugha’s potential to make a major comeback in the Fortnite scene a year ago, I would have told you that you were crazy. But here we are, and the winner of 2019 continues to dominate the competition, and it appears that 2022 will once again be the year of Bugha.


Hen and Queasy won the competition held throughout Europe and achieved first place. They were able to take second place, besting Kiryache and Stormyrite, while TaySon and Th0mhasHD finished in third. This is a decent draw from Hen and Queasy because that previous team had some of the more solid results over the course of the previous few seasons. It’s encouraging to see that our ranks of the greatest Fortnite players are holding their own.

The winners of the first place spots in their respective regions were Runa and XL2R2 in Asia, FKS and Bleed in the Middle East, and Basil and Jace in Oceania. Although we have focused mostly on highlighting those with a compelling story leading up to the tournament, every region displayed excellent gameplay throughout the competition.

Not only was the most recent FNCS a test for the upcoming third season, but it also utilized a somewhat unique format. Things were streamlined, and a fresh regulation was implemented. It is possible for a side to win the game early if they reach 500 points and acquire three Victory Royales. Basil and Jace’s victory in OCE earned them three Victory Royales, but they fell short of achieving the required number of points for this to become active in their region. However, unless someone absolutely hammers the lobby, it does not appear that the rule will be put into effect.

It would appear that the recently implemented adjustments were successful. The format’s condescending tone failed to significantly reduce the excitement, and there was still a lot of buzz about the event. The present state of the game’s balance has made it a lot of fun to play, and you can see that reflected in how well Chapter 3 of the FNCS went this year. For the time being, all we can do is sit tight and await what the following chapter has in store for us.

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