It has been speculated that the legendary mid laner for Team Liquid, Sren “Bjergsen” Bjerg, may part ways with the company after only one year of service.

According to Brieuc Seeger, who works as a reporter for League of Legends. It would appear that Bjergsen is not content to play only in the LCS and is open to the possibility of joining the LEC as well.


Bjergsen is a seasoned player with a career that has spanned ten years at this point. He started out his professional playing days with the Western Wolves, a Dutch team that no longer exists. After spending nearly eight years with TSM between 2013 and 2021, he was signed by Team Liquid to considerable fanfare as they rehauled their lineup in preparation for the spring split of the League of Legends Championship Series.

Bjergsen’s individual stats look fairly good, despite the fact that his team’s performance was below average. Around 8.7, he has the greatest KDA of any player in the league, tied with EG’s support Vulcan for first place. During the summer split, Bjergsen was also responsible for 3.5 kills per game, which was the seventh-highest average in the league. He was responsible for 79 percent of his team’s total kills.


However, things have not gone as planned for TL, and it appears that they will be through yet another redesign. With a squad that comprised the legendary “Hans sama” Steven Lin and Gabri’l “Bwipo” Rau, as well as Bjergsen’s return to professional play, TL were heralded as the next LCS superteam.

They finished the regular season of the spring split looking unbeatable, and the tournament was a sure bet for them to take home the trophy. However, Evil Geniuses eliminated them from the playoffs without any fanfare before going on to win the championship, and ever since then, they have appeared to be acting a little bit strangely.

This year, Liquid have not been successful in qualifying for any of the international competitions that they have entered. They were not successful in qualifying for either the Mid Seasonal Invitation that was held in Korea earlier in May this year or a spot in the Worlds tournament. In the third round of the League of Legends Championship Series playoffs, they were eliminated by Evil Geniuses with a score of 2-3, which ended their championship defense and eliminated them from contention for a seat in the Worlds tournament.


The departure of Bjergsen from the team is the most recent event in the ongoing roster makeover that TL is undergoing. A little over a month ago, Team Liquid revealed that their bot lane player Steven ‘Hans sama’ Liv would also be leaving the organization and going in a different direction.

In 2021, Hans Sama became a member of the team after formerly playing for Rogue Esports and in the LEC. According to a claim that was published by Upcomer, he may be considering an offer made by the French organization Karmine Corp; however, this information has not been verified as of yet. The bot lane has consistently been Team Liquid’s weak spot in their overall performance. It is currently unknown whether Jo ‘CoreJJ’ Yong-In will continue to be a part of the team in 2023 now that both Bjergsen and Hans Sama are leaving the organization.


Early on in the postseason, Bjergsen and Rekkles find themselves in the same position: without a team to play for. Both players would probably try to sign with an LEC team, and there are a lot of teams in the league that would be willing to take them on. It’s more likely than not that both Astralis and SK Gaming, along with Team BDS and Heretics, will choose to make some roster changes, and lots of lineups may be built around any of these two teams.

We are still very much in the realm of rumors, and we have at least one full month of waiting ahead of us before the LEC free agency period can begin.

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