It was reported late last week that Benjyfishy would be leaving the competitive Fortnite scene. In its place, the player is going to change to Valorant.

This should not have as as much of a surprise to anyone because the player has been streaming Valorant on an almost daily basis for quite some time! However, Benjy’s retirement from Fortnite means that the game will be missing out on one of its most well-known pros.

It’s not like he’s the first gamer to quit the game in recent times, either. Is this the beginning of a turnover for Fortnite esports or just a general resignation due to wear and tear on the player?


Benjyfishy has maintained a position among the best Fortnite players in Europe for a considerable amount of time. It’s possible that he’s not the best Fortnite player, but he’s consistently been in the top tier of players. Unfortunately, the player has never been able to win the FNCS champion title, but he has been really close on multiple occasions. Additionally, he has done well at the World Cup. The player has a reputation for possessing a high level of mechanical talent. This may make him the ideal candidate to make the switch to competitive Valorant instead.

Benjyfishy has been streaming Valorant on a fairly consistent basis as of late. Even while he hasn’t been “grinding” Fortnite as much as other people have, it’s obvious that his enthusiasm in the game goes beyond simply providing a variety of content for his stream. It shouldn’t come as much of a shock that Benjyfishy is leaving the Fortnite competitive scene then. The gamer is going to stop participating in one game in order to pursue future competition at Valorant.

Benjyfishy, when asked about his impending retirement, said:

“Recently I fell out of love with Fortnite. I used to be able to play it for eight or ten hours a day, but even last season I was only playing during tournaments. I used to be able to play it for eight or ten hours a day. It’s honestly the most fun I’ve had playing a video game in a long time, perhaps not since the Fortnite World Cup or when I was playing trios with Mitro and Mongraal. I’ve been playing a ton of Valorant recently, both on and off stream.

It is very evident that he is having a better time with Valorant; the question is, however, whether or not he will be able to effectively shift to a new game as a professional.


Games like as Valorant are likely to be regarded as being a great deal less casual than Fortnite. However, playing Fortnite at a high level requires a significant amount of mechanical talent. The amount of grinding that is required to really get high-level building mechanics is significantly more than what many games anticipate. As a result of this, a great number of people who play Fortnite have achieved success in other games. Following his retirement from Fortnite, BenjyFishy now has more time to devote to grinding in other games, such as Valorant.

Benjy is in a fantastic position to make a start at Valorant due to the fact that he was, for a period of time, one of the top players in the game from a mechanical standpoint. Benjy’s ability to play Fortnite at this level has given him a strong foundation in terms of his mechanical prowess, which will serve him well in any game he choose to play in the future. We anticipate seeing him on a squad at some time in the not-too-distant future. He has a respectable opportunity to wind up playing some rather high-level Valorant.

One player who is a pro at Fortnite and also plays Jojopyun is a fantastic example of someone who uses their abilities in other games. He used to be a pro in Fortnite but quit, and since then he’s had a lot of success in League of Legends. The fact that LoL isn’t even a shooter doesn’t change the fact that his time spent playing Fortnite prepared him for this run in League. In that match, he was victorious in the most recent LCS 2022 Spring Playoff.

It’s possible that players in Fortnite won’t have skills that can be transferred to Valorant as quickly as those in Overwatch can. However, if they continue to grind in the same manner, they will undoubtedly be in a position to enter other games and have a great deal of success. The announcement that BenjyFishy will be leaving Fortnite opens the door for Valorant to acquire a player with a high level of ability.


The fact that Benjyfishy is no longer playing Fortnite is unfortunate for the community, but he is not the only person to quit the game in recent times. The chapter 3 discussion includes quite a few pros moving away from the title. The most notable of them all was Saf.

Saf’s reasons for leaving Fortnite were somewhat distinct from BenjyFishy’s reasons for leaving the game. He cited issues with orgs as the catalyst for his growing disillusionment with the game in general. On the other hand, he left at the beginning of a new chapter, which would have necessitated a great deal of slogging and adjusting.

In addition, Zayt left the company not long ago, right before the end of the year. Matsoe, who was also experiencing burnout, decided to leave the game. To remain at the top of the pile in Fortnite, players need to spend a significant amount of time playing the game and grinding both in creative and in matches. The players are likely to feel the effects of this regardless of the size of the game’s huge prize pools.

The third chapter of Fortnite has been quite popular in the gaming community as a whole. Major streamers like Ninja and Tfue have returned to the game despite the fact that some professional players appear to be leaving the scene.

This would seem to indicate that the issue at hand is not only related to the manner in which Epic is updating the game. Players of every mode appear to be pleased with Epic’s material. Burnout and the way that Fortnite players are required to grind appear to be the primary factors in player departures.

Because it offers one of the most open esports ecosystems, Fortnite makes it easy for players to test their skills in professional competition. In addition to this, the regular prize pools that they offer are consistently some of the largest in the esports industry.

Because of this, it is simple for new players to join when existing ones leave. New players are promoted to the highest level with the start of each new FNCS. Even though some of the veterans of the game are starting to feel burned out, there is never a shortage of talented new players to take their place in Fortnite.

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