ASTER – The ESL One Malaysia 2022 has been an exciting platform for powerhouses from a variety of locations to showcase their talents.

Following their victory over Team Secret in the semifinals of the upper bracket, Team Aster has advanced to the championship round. In the meantime, OG was victorious over Fnatic, which set up a match between Team Secret and OG in the finals of the lower bracket.


Everyone’s attention is focused on Teams OG, Secret, and Aster at this point. We couldn’t have wished for a more exciting competition if we tried because the top three teams have each been outstanding in their own right.

OG had their opportunities to win the game against Thunder Awaken, and they did so on a few occasions by utilizing their coordination to win decisive team fights. Even though TA tried to outrun OG with their Terrorblade’s late game, OG had a Queen of Pain, an Ember Spirit, and an Earthshaker, all of which make for an incredible initiator squad.

When it came down to a match between Fnatic and OG, the latter team made the decision to play a non-meta, traditional Invoker at Bozhidar “bzm” Bogdanov’s request. Because there are no initiations on BzM, he will be able to perform at the highest level of his Invoker game after he obtains his BKB. The strong magic damage line-up that Fnatic chose to use backfired on them because it was rendered useless by their opponent’s early pick of BKB. It took only a one-sided Terrorblade game for OG to knock Fnatic from the competition when the scores were tied.

In the meantime, Aster absolutely dominated Team Secret in the match they were playing by making several astute plays throughout the battle. They can praise their ward game for their success, as Aster cunningly avoided entering into Rosh’s pit by making the appropriate actions when they saw Secret at bottom lane. Or the time when they cornered the evasive Kunkka that was owned by Micha “Nisha” Jankowski after he x-marked himself as being too close to the forest’s foliage.

They would not have been able to win the battle if they had not been successful in obtaining the Aegis of the Phantom Assassin. When Remco “Crystallis” Arets’ Terrorblade is allowed to strike freely, it deals significant damage; therefore, possessing the Aegis enables PA to attack the hero unaccompanied, placing him in an awkward position.


The two Western European competitors are relatively even in terms of odds, with approximately x1.9 returns, as they head into the finals of the lower bracket. Team Secret has never been more formidable than they are right now in ESL One Malaysia 2022 when they were competing in the DPC (2021-22).

On the other side, OG is still putting on a show with its great plays and iconic picks whenever they feel like it. Because of this, if we choose to support OG, we can anticipate that OG will take the early initiative to secure first blood and a significant amount of laning pressure. As a result, they have a strong chance of winning the Race to 5 Kills and even the Race to 10 Kills first, which has odds of x1.88.

Team Secret, on the other hand, has a greater than one in eight chance of becoming the first team to bring down the tower due to the fact that they usually play around the ten-minute mark. Despite Team Secret’s recent success on the downhill course, Nisha has been stealing the show with his outstanding carry performance. This indicates that we can rely on Nisha to concentrate on farming effectively and have a higher net worth at 10 or 15 minutes with x1.85 returns.

As a result of new markets being added for Dota 2, it is expected that the total number of maps will be greater than 2.5 (or a full set of three), given that the odds for this series are x1.93.


It really doesn’t make a difference which team competes in the finals of ESL One Malaysia 2022 given that Aster is widely considered to be the best team in the tournament. As a result, you should probably just gamble on markets that favor Aster instead of other options.

On the other hand, if OG were chosen as one of the finalists, they would be an exceptionally trustworthy underdog. Because of this, you may place your money on OG to pull off a miraculous victory over the Chinese superpower. In any case, you have been cautioned, so place your bets at your own discretion and risk.

As the final day of ESL One Malaysia 2022 comes to a close, it establishes the norm for what spectators should anticipate throughout the TI11 WEU Regional qualifiers. There is reason to be optimistic about OG, Team Secret, and Entity’s chances of making it into The International 11, since all three of these teams have shown promise as potential qualifiers.

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